Art Vend exhibition & publication opening party

So a little while back, I spent my evenings, my mornings, even some of my train rides to and from work, cutting, sticking, thinking, ummming and ahhing, over making my micro-stories from How the Light Gets In into Art Vend, commissioned by Woolgather Art. Having written for the page, the stage, the gallery and now, erm, a vending machine, it was exciting and challenging to consider my stories as physical objects and to attempt – with my limited practical skills! – to make them into visually-interesting things that might surprise or move people when they popped out of an (art) vending machine.

If you are around in Leeds on Friday 5 December, come to the exhibition launch party on Duncan Street.
(5pm-very late). All art works will be exhibited, the publication will be handed out, and there will even be live music and special vend karaoke hosted by artist Adam Young. Needless to say, it will be fun!

Art Vend Front

Art Vend Back


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