Short Fiction in Entropy Magazine

My short story, ‘More Than Not Sweeping,’ is published today in Entropy Magazine:

Behind us there were sand dunes, and on the sand dunes were tufts of brown grass which made me think of those almost-bald men who thought that if they schuzzed up their few remaining hairs with wax or gel, no one would think of them as the men who were almost bald. I didn’t know how schuzzed was spelled – the ‘s’ was pronounced more like a ‘j’ — or whether spelling rules existed for words that existed only in hair salons many miles from any dictionary. I asked K what she thought, but she looked at me as if her life was ruined and I was the cause, and although I knew that such looks were her brain’s attempt to relieve her from the truth, i.e. the ruin was larger and more complex than we’d ever know, and that thinking that I knew what everyone thought was another such attempt, I began to feel like I’d swallowed something which ought never to be swallowed — like sand. I coughed and coughed. Read MORE