Other Writing



Blog, ‘Rewriting Yorkshire Seminar Events,’ Time Out Leeds

Blog, ‘Three Steps to Take from Short Story Competitions to Collections,’ Spread the Word

Review, ‘A Great Morning on the Town,’ TSOTA

Feature, ‘Five Women Writers who made Writing Happen for Me,’ TSOTA

Feature, ‘The Future’s Brewing at The Tetley,’ TSOTA

Feature, ‘An Interview with Dee Blick ahead of Leeds Indie Writers’ Festival, TSOTA

Blog, ‘Why Arts Fiends Should Hurry Up North,’ Huffington Post UK

Book Review of He Wants by Alison Moore, Litro Magazine

Blog, ‘Generation Somewhere Else,’ Huffington Post UK

Theatre reviews, West Yorkshire Theatre Network

Exhibition Review, Art Pit magazine

Report on Feminism in London Conference 2009 


Other Short Fiction:

‘A Place to Put Your Soul,’ short story, Minor Lits (online)

‘How to Get Back Your Guts,’ short story, Unthology 8 (2016), Unthank Books

‘You Are Not Sorry’, short story, Fugue II (anthology), Siren Press

‘You Are Not Juliet,’ Ikley Literature Festival Short Story Competition 2015, 2nd Prize

London Short Fiction, The Guardian of Travellers, The Londonist

Selection of flash fiction written and performed as Writer in Residence at the UK Young Artists Festival in Leicester, November 2014.

Micro-stories set inside the Leeds loop road, Leeds in the Loop.

Extract from Living it Edgeways, winner the £1000 2013 London Short Story Competition.

Extract from Journey Planner, winning story in the Cinnamon Press Writing Award for Short Fiction 2013

Find out about Heroes of the Post-Apocalypse, a pamphlet of micro-stories set around Tooting Common by Annexe Magazine as part of Vol.1 of the ‘Annexe Introducing’ series.

There is Always Someone Up to Something, Somewhere, short story in Litro Online, 2012.

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