Light Night Leeds commission

Light Night Leeds Commission

Between writing a novel and working for a theatre, I am busy preparing for my interactive story-telling installation at Light Night Leeds, which I hope everyone* is going to come and see on Friday 3rd October.

How the Light Gets In is an interactive storytelling installation which explores the ways in which words can and cannot lead us through the dark – both the literal dark of the winter months and the dark that everyone encounters when life gets hard. Actors will perform very short stories on this theme whilst audiences can contribute their insights and reactions to a display wall.

I am currently recruiting actors as well as organising workshops and doing social media call-outs to find out how your light gets in. Does it leap? Does it jump? Does it crawl through tiny holes? Are the holes triangle-shaped? Are they shaped like giraffes? If any of this sparks any thoughts in you, please get in touch. Your words will make my stories.

LIght Night Leeds image 2 Clare Fisher

(*Well, not everyone. 6 billion people trying to cram into the center of Leeds would be pretty scary, if pretty spectacular. There will be over 50 free light-related art events going on around the city centre, so if you’re around, you should definitely check it out).


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