‘A Sparky and Unsettling Debut’: All the Good Things reviewed in The Guardian

All the Good Things has been reviewed by Gerard Woodward in The Guardian. He describes it as a ‘sparky and unsettling debut.’ He writes:

The novel’s strength lies in its language, and in the voice of Beth as she narrates her life. It draws us into a living realm of characters and emotions in just the same way as the books Beth loves to read. Her observations and insights deepen our understanding of the world she inhabits. Fisher captures the buzzing, snappy dialogue of the Playstation generation well, and some of the most enjoyable scenes occur behind the popcorn counter of the local Odeon – “pigeons chilling on the massive O above the doors, kids chilling on the steps below” – where Beth worked with a posse of sassy, irreverent young women.

Read the rest of the review on The Guardian website here.


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