5 Good (writing-related) Things

I’ve been quiet on this site for a while, but that’s because things have been VERY NOISY behind the scenes.  If I was a different sort of person, I’d have written each part of the noise its own post. But, well, I’m me. So here’s a list:

  1. My short story collection, HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN, is currently in the throes of some serious edits and has a cover I’m not too cool to admit I think is seriously cool (see below).
  2. I won Second Prize in the Ilkley Literature Festival short story competition for my story ‘You Are Not Juliet.’
  3. Spread the Word selected me as one of their ‘Rising Stars of 2015’ to be presented at Book Machine‘s 5th Anniversary Celebrations. Extracts from HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN and from my novel ALL THE GOOD THINGS featured in the beautiful little pamphlet pictured produced for the event, alongside the work of Irenosen Okojie and Ruby Cowling.
  4. I sent out my novel to various agents, crossing my fingers for a reply from just one, only to end up with six offers of representation within a few weeks. Choosing was hard, but I did it, and am now pleased to say that I’m now represented by Zoe Waldie at Rogers, Coleridge and White.
  5. Now that the mind & heart & soul boggling experience of No.4 is over, I’m back to doing the thing I love, i.e. writing, i.e. redrafting ALL THE GOOD THINGS into the best book it can be.

short story collection



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